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. i am now aware if i go to florida i must not go anywhere near mammals. >> have you been to florida? >> have i been to florida. i have been to florida. >> i have been hearing about this for years. >> what is the deal? why is the manatee so gentle and protected? we ride mammals all the time. i don't know if the viewers at home are like -- set the dvr because i am riding a whale tonight. you are right. the license plates apparently haven't solved anything. the law is fantastic. you can't annoy a manatee? and then there is also an intense clause, like -- or attempt to. if you fail to annoy the manatee , that is still illegal. >> and they had a press conference. we have to find this woman on the manatee. >> they actually did this. >> the press conference they were looking for her. >> yes, they were looking for her. they were like, we need somebody, please. there is a woman riding a manatee. it is insane. it is going to destroy america. it is a hideous looking creature. >> it is. >> i have been down to florida on one of those ridiculous tourist boat tours where they go out and promise to
has called it except florida, an actual state who is tallying the numbers. with eight million votes the president holds a half a percent over mitt romney. to put that in perspective, that small. and election workers are hustling to count tens of thousands of absentee ballots. said one floridian, we are such an embarassment, it is always a fiasco with us. or they are just thorough. as it happens, "red eye" staffer is from there and works for the miami-dade board of elections. he is one of the many poll workers counting the final ballots. let's go to him live. michael? >> 6,121. 6,122. 6,523. 6,524. >> mike, how is it going there? the votes will be in soon? >> 1. 2. >> keep up the good work. >> that's the problem. the sum of my thoughts i seek out a metaphor to describe my emotions after this election. >> the metaphor here is the turtle was america having sex and then the turtle fell over and that is america after the election. barak you sane obama stopped that turtle from having sex. i thought miles, your son, was going to be there. >> that was a gast idea. i don't know who agreed t
in florida, the gainesville groper. let's go to andy levy for a pre game report. hi, andy. what's coming up on tonight's show, old sport some. >> coming up, why is mitt romney declining interviews with tv tabloids? why it has anything to do with the fact that he is, you know, running for, you know, president of the united states. and did a united states sthor fly to the -- senator fly to the dominican republic fly to have sex with prostitutes ? who care. the shocking answers straight ahead. i guess the shocking answer gives it away. greg? >> everything back to normal in your apartment? >> everything is good to go, greg, yes, thanks for asking. >> i was worried about the cat. >> i can hear the sincerity in your voice. it is dripping with sincerity. >> i know you had a problem with flooding. >> i had no flooding. we talked about this last night. everything was fine. i did not, i cannot stress this enough, i did not eat the cat. the cats are fine. i posted pictures of them holding little new york posts with today's date on them. i think it speaks for itself. >> we know those pictures were take
this it hardens you. as long as you are a nice person. >> and every scandal needs these two in florida. what were they called? one ultimately married a guy from journey. >> you never thought they would be involved in a scandal because they were great people. >> 1 degree from a scandal. >> i was thinking night ranger, but not journey. >> the person i feel bad for is shirtless asian man. he was on the verge of becoming famous, and then the allen thing broke. >> nobody reported who he is yet. do your job american journalists. >> yes, come on, journalists. >> you know the next step, shirtless and flexing. always happens, people. >> micha, did you say it was broadwell's dad who said there was more to this? >> yes. they say in 1983 he was convicted of threatening the boyfriend of his either then wife or ex-wife. they are not sure. >> what was he saying? >> they said she did it with this woman. >> this is what happens in obama's america. >> thank you for saying that. andy, can i point out -- are you going to point out that the sister dated charlie chris? all of these newscasters say it is like pealing b
. ease specialt -- especially people in florida are voting for the wrong turkey. >> you have to show id. >> maybe their names should be i am a genetically engineered monster. you are not getting what i am putting down here. these are not things. >> before we leave this topic, is there anything more annoying listening people to talk about what they are thankful for? >> i like to encourage those discussions. i think we rush and we rush and we forget to smell the roses. >> what are you thankful for this year? >> you and this panel of people that i can come and spread a little mirth. i hate hearing -- when it is a woman mumbling how thankful she is that i can't achieve an erection it hurts. >> and you are not coming to me after that one. >> i think i will just move right along. >> it is your fault for asking. >> it absolutely is. never ask a question when you don't know the answer. >> from pardoning a bird to giving it. two women have been placed on unpaid leave after a photo they took at arlington national cemetery provoked outrage on facebook. lyndsay stone thought it would be funny prete
story, the florida restaurant tour the many restaurant tours across the country. let's go to andrew from buzz feed. wouldn't it be nice if just like posting calorie counts we could post the costs of government at restaurants. so everyone would know what regulations and taxes would cost them when they order a pizza? >> that would be nice. >> that's my theory. >> i actually think that's a great idea. this is what we do now in this totalitarian system. we are posting calorie counts and saturated fat. we don't even count the saturated fat. they don't allow it in the restaurant. >> i hate information. i don't like to know things. >> andrew, you said it was 3 or 4 cents per pizza. between 3.4 and 4.6 cents per pie, i am not sure how they got those costs. shouldn't they trust the restaurant to see how much it would cost him? >> if you raise the cost of something in business, the idea is if you add 4 cents of costs you double that and add it into your retail price, am i right? >> sometimes. >> and sometimes not, tom. >> bill, you said that you seem to -- i don't know if you said this as fact, bu
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10 (some duplicates have been removed)